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Thanks for the reply, i definitely agree. Also, do you know if anyone has found out how to remove all the challenge data?


Don't believe that's yet been achieved. Sorry, yo.


There are 2 other forums that were created one for reseting the game data and one for the secret run. If someone would want to check those out for more info on a new run, and for the info on how to reset.


What about adding the "race to 20" minigames of the endless mode? They are speedruns too, the only thing is that the enemies spawn randomly so it's more lucky but wouldn't that fit into this site?

For example, like here >


My stream does not show up on the Streams page which bums me out a little bit. Is it a back end issue or is it just Twitch/my Twitch that doesn't play ball?


I've never had the Streams page on this site work, but I also don't usually check it. I think it's a backend thing.


It's really not a big deal in the end. I just like seeing my stream pop up in different places. XD


I''ve got a question about lvl.1 Kickstart; what's the secret to get a time below 3.24s!?
Whenever I do get a time that should be way below 3.24s, the game takes a really long time after my last kill to actually prompt the SUPER HOT screen, end the level, and give me the time (which on great runs always turn out to be 3.24s).


I'm only able to get below 3.24 with the twitch Version of the game. If I use the Microsoft-Store Version I can't get below 3.24 either. Don't know about the steam Version thou.

Edit: turns out twitch just uses an older version of the game, so just play on an older patch