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Hello fellow SMBN speedrunners! This post is to inform you on the important rules for ALL the categories, including IL and IW speedruns.

Chapter 1: Finding The ROM:

As you should know this is a ROM hack of Super Mario Bros. (SMB1). And ROM hacks are always found on the internet, however posting links and even mentioning websites which contain the ROM isn’t allowed. If you’re having trouble finding a ROM, then try searching under a different title, or just look harder. The “posting ROMs rule” is no different on Discord. “As an example, you agree not to use the Service in order to: upload or transmit (or attempt to upload or transmit) files that contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, corrupted files or data, or any other similar software or programs or engage in any other activity that may damage the operation of the Service or other users' computers.” <- That was copied STRAIGHT from Discord’s “Terms Of Service”. So easy to say, posting ROMs on Discord isn’t allowed either.

Make sure (if you’re playing on NES) to ONLY PUT THE .nes FILE ON YOUR FLASH CART! That is the actual game, the other stuff contained in the .zip file is not needed and is unnecessary.

Chapter 2: Emulators and Your NES:

The following Emulators are allowed:


If the emulator you use is not up there, then you will have to download a different emulator, no other emulators are allowed.

Please put the emulator and version you used in the description, and it would help if you put on the input display.

If you are playing on a NES, then you can use one of the flash carts down below:



Using a third-party console is not allowed either, only the emulators listed and a NES are allowed.

Chapter 3: Video & Audio Settings:

If you are using emulator, make sure your ENTIRE emulator is visible (this includes the tabs at the very top).

When using NES, make sure your entire capture card video is in view.

You will see when submitting your run you can’t successfully submit your run without a video link.

Try your best to include game audio in your recordings, it doesn’t have to come straight from your capture card, using your microphone is allowed, just make sure there’s audio in the recording.

You are required to record your speeduns in either 30fps or 60fps. Other framerates allow leeway to splicing, as it is likely unnoticiable with other framerates. 50fps is only exceptional for PAL users.

Include a timer in your run (can be LiveSplit, WSplit, Splitty, whatever, just have a timer in there). It can help with the timing.

All runs will be retimed with hundred milliseconds.

Chapter 4: The Verification Process:

Oh boy, everyone’s favorite!

Lately SRC has been failing to cooperate, and you won’t see your run in the “runs awaiting verification” tab, but it is fine. When you submit your run, you won’t see it but I will.

Here’s An Early Warning: All threads made to complain about people’s runs not being verified the day they’re submitted are going to be locked and deleted immediately. I don’t have time for people’s complaints.

SRC Staff says that a month is the longest a run should wait in the que, and I’m active on SRC everyday, so there’s no chance I won’t check out your run. And if your run isn’t verified 6 or 12 hours after you submitted it, don’t panic, you’ll be fine.

Chapter 5: Behavior Rules:

Any inappropriate behavior is NOT acceptable. Any drama that occurs in the forums will give you a free suspension from submitting runs, adding guides, resources, and posting forums/threads on the forum page.

Please don't necro in the threads. Necroing is when one replies to a thread that hasn't had posts in the past several days. So when you're typing up a post in the forums, make sure to check the date of the most recent post. All necros will be deleted immediately. However, necroing is ONLY allowed in category request forums.


If you want to be mod, here are the requirements:

You MUST have a time on the leaderboard for every category. Except the Co-Ops.
You MUST have been running this category for at least 4 months.
You MUST have a good reputation and MUST be trustworthy.

You can request to me by either whispering me on Twitch (Mars02), or my DMing me on Discord (Mars 02#5536).

Chapter 7: Finale:

I am going to lock this thread so no one can reply and start drama. Happy speedrunning! @Mars02Mars02 🙂