Super Chick Sisters Forum  /  The PC .exe version seems to be running about 10% faster than the Web .swf version.

I noticed slippy's PC run had a much lower time than my Web run even though we were using the same strategies. I compared my splits to his run and even with the same gameplay I was a few seconds slower. I downloaded the PC version and sure enough, it was running faster, and I got a gold split on every world.

I even downloaded the .swf file from the web and when playing through a .swf player it still had the same slow time. So, it seems that the PC version is faster. It shouldn't be banned or anything, this is just a PSA for what version is fastest and how I noticed the Web version is slower. You can try it yourself and compare splits between the two or comparing my Pam 6:02 and slippy's Pam 4:59.

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Thank you for letting everyone know that. That's pretty interesting. When I had done my runs, I just did them on the downloaded version cause I just assumed it would be faster, but I never did any testing. It's good to know I was correct.

It just sucks I did my run on a crappy cam software that has no sound and froze towards the end. I would like to improve it at some point.

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