Any% in 14m 58s by RayeoRayeo - 13th place

Run starts at 2:06.
Learned the two 2 bomb trick in 1-6
Had a bad world 2 but a really good World 5 and 6.

Played on Super Nintendo [JPN] ᴇᴍᴜ on

Submitted by RayeoRayeo on

Verified by FiselFisel on


Name Duration Finished at
World 1 2m 42s 000ms 2m 42s
World 2 2m 33s 000ms 5m 16s
World 3 2m 38s 000ms 7m 54s
World 4 2m 02s 000ms 9m 56s
World 5 2m 21s 000ms 12m 18s
World 6 2m 40s 000ms 14m 58s
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