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Thread: A question

Started by: Ma_ehyMa_ehy

Full game runs need to be done in a single sitting.
For quality, I ideally would need to be able to see the mission time in the debriefing screens in order to double check the IGT. If a phone camera is your only option then I guess I could allow it. Just keep in mind that higher ranks = higher scrutiny.

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Thread: Should the Mission Skips have their own category?

Started by: StarPilot87StarPilot87

No to ILs. Where would you stop timing anyway? When you hit the skip button for the last time?


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Thread: IGT vs Real time

Started by: superSANICsuperSANIC

Since this has been brought up again.

It's important to note that there are RTA-IGT differences of nearly 10 minutes between some runners.
Liquid506's RTA-IGT difference = 39:58
YHI_Zuikaku's RTA-IGT difference = 57:33

Here's my planned rules if IGT is favored:


Timing for this game is In-Game Time (IGT).
You can figure out your time by:
- Checking your total mission time at the end of a New Game run.
- Keeping track of your mission time before a NG+ run, and subtracting it from the total afterwards.
- Searching through the video and adding up the times from the debriefing sections.

The reasoning for ranking by IGT is give everyone a fair comparison across different levels of hardware.
It is still expected for all runners to play with a similar level of urgency as a Real time (RTA) run.
While IGT favorable strategies are allowed (such as spending extra time to setup optimal planes per mission), taking advantage of the timing for other reasons (like planned breaks) is not.

Runners MUST submit BOTH Real time and In-game time for their Full game runs.
*Moderation will help if needed to add up IGT. Just make sure that all mission times are visible in the submitted video, including the debriefing for M20.

If there is a large enough discrepancy between Real time & IGT, then the run will be subject to scrutiny and possible rejection.


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Thread: Category Suggestions

Started by: VelocikittyVelocikitty

Casual added for fullgame. ILs will remain Ace only for now.


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Thread: Add DLC Missions to ILs?

Started by: StarPilot87StarPilot87

Sorry for just getting to this now.

I don't have the DLC, so I don't know what the missions are like, but it seems like by your description that they all have parts that aren't strictly tied to a timer. So despite how lame / minor those parts may be, those levels should be time attack rather then score.

I'll go put the levels up.


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Thread: Timing for this game

Started by: RaelcunRaelcun

The idea is neat, but I'm just not a fan of manipulating time like that. When would you unpause the timer? (The mission complete popup I guess?)

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Thread: Why did we merge the difficulties?

Started by: AftermathRVAftermathRV

Relax, I can easily just click a checkbox and revert things. I'm just experimenting for now, nothing's permanent.

My main issue with subcategories over filters is that it spreads out a small community over something that is largely meaningless.
Player health/damage taken doesn't change from normal->ace. The only other change aside from AI behavior that I'm aware of is the timing on the satellite missile in M9 (which you can avoid with well timed flares anyway).

Really what I want to do is force NG+ to be on Ace, or at the very least have Easy / Ace. Like, I don't get the importance behind holding the best normal or hard time when it's the only time on that sub-board & there are times on ace that are much better.


Forum: Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Thread: Timing for this game

Started by: RaelcunRaelcun

(edited: )

imo if you have 5 hours to spare you can probably spend 5 mins adding up IGT.
Ace Combat games also tend to be terrible for RTA due to the random nature of the dialogue scripting. I believe sometimes the enemy bombers at the end of the first mission can sneak in extra dialogue long after the mission has ended, adding ~10 secs unfairly. No doubt there's extra examples of this littered all throughout the game.
Also you'd only have to add up times for NG+ runs. For NG you can just look at the flight time in the data viewer (hell you could just keep track of your starting & ending flight time for NG+).

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Thread: Leaderboard Suggestions

Started by: superSANICsuperSANIC

- Challenge I is kinda dumb as a category as you're unable to play it once you unlock Challenge II.
- Ship subcategories for both fullgame & ILs
- Lap subcategory for ILs
- Actual full game (Unlock Pirhana) run? Quite repetitive, but still...


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Thread: ideas for new categories

Started by: SolidSpiderZnakeSolidSpiderZnake

(edited: )

Hello again. I guess the easiest way to add these would just be through filters. So one filter for Supreme Knight/Soldier/Merc, and then another for difficulty. Although you'll have to remind me of when/where the "Supreme X" medal pops up.

I've had an idea for a 100% category that gets all the medals / S-ranks (I calculated that it would take about 50 hours lmao). Not really gonna bother adding that unless someone actually attempts it.

I've also thought of adding a score attack / 100% category to the ILs, as all the levels except for M10 can be cleared of enemies. For a few levels it's quite weird through (invisible enemies / obscure ace spawns), and since I'm the only person to submit IL times so far, I haven't really bothered.

I could add a restricted IL category as well. TLS & MPBM would be banned obviously, but what about FAEBs?

And I guess I'll add emulator boards too while I'm at it. They'll be separate from the console boards of course, but I remember seeing multiple people run this on emu, so might as well.

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Thread: BANEMU

Started by: superSANICsuperSANIC


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: PS2/PS1 games Ran on PS3

Started by: Billy1KirbyBilly1Kirby

Just to further clarify:
"In brief, the 60GB and 20GB launch PS3's are backwards compatible with PS2 games because they have PS2 chips in them.
Other models, most notably the 80GB "Metal Gear Solid PS3" used to be backwards compatible (using emulation software) but now they aren't."


Forum: Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

Thread: Runs now go by IGT I guess

Started by: superSANICsuperSANIC

I just changed it so ties would work properly in the IL board, but considering the amount of time you can gain/lose due to random dialogue at the end of missions, I think it's a positive change for Fullgame runs too.


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Started by: Rmac524Rmac524



Forum: Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

Thread: ILs & other changes

Started by: superSANICsuperSANIC

Since every single level in this game is speedrun-able (unlike some other ace combats), and since there doesn't seem to be any other place where ACZ records are stored, I've added a level leaderboard here.

Currently the only category is NG+ Ace, as that seems to be the standard for other Ace Combat games. I've also added subcategories for the missions with notable variance (different boss fights & A/B/C missions). If anyone else wants it, I could maybe put in a new main category that bans certain OP weapons / planes.

Also, I've added in a New Game+ (or rather "SP New Game" as it's called in this game) category for full game runs.


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Thread: Air Ride All Tracks runs with specific machines

Started by: superSANICsuperSANIC

Since OG speedrider "secret" has done some neat runs with the wheelie bikes, I figured it would be nice to track the best runs with every machine.

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Thread: Can we have leaderboards that aren't an eyesore?

Started by: socialspeedrunnersocialspeedrunner

The MK8 boards have a global filter for 150cc / 200cc, so perhaps you could do the same here for sub/super/hyper-sonic.

Then you could probably have skips & no-skips categories for the IL boards if people want that.


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Thread: leaderboards discussion

Started by: E_DragonE_Dragon

tldr: Ban emulator, add CGN's times, update leaderboards to use sub categories, drop-down filters or whatever. Also add in new boards for All TA tracks & misc stuff like no boost, 26 machines etc. Individual cups might be neat as well.

IGT would be nice, but real time should still be default, especially if All tracks & All staffs are separate.