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New Zealand

Generally we discuss new category ideas on Discord (invite link in the list on the left side of the screen) but in case people can't/don't want to use discord, new ideas can be surfaced here that can then be taken by us into the discord for community discussion.

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Im not too sure if this thread is still valid, but I think a Finding Nemo Catagory Extention would be cool. You have to find the community named Ghost Leviathon "Nemo" and scan it in order to complete the run.

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New Zealand

Still happy to consider ideas submitted here as well as discord. However we are trying to not add too many more one-dimensional "do this one thing" categories. But I may present this to others for consideration.

Texas, USA

I think Moonpool% would be cool. The idea is that you need to construct a Moonpool and dock both a seamoth and a P.R.A.W.N. Suit in it to complete the run. Another idea is QEP Dock%. The idea is where you have to dock the Cyclops in the dock at the QEP to complete the run. I'm hoping this thread is still open after a year.