New speedrun category idea
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New speedrun category idea

We need a speedrun category called "Leviathan Slayer" where, during the speedrun, the Speedrunner must kill each and every hostile Leviathan in the map before leaving the planet, with the exception of the Ghosts in the Crater Edge (since they respawn infinitely.)

Yes, I know Subnautica isn't about killing but I think this would go for an interesting speedrun category, seeing strategies people use to quickly kill Leviathans.

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The best strategy is to get the prawn suit drill arm and grappling arm

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The best strategy is actually collecting gas pods, stunning them with a stasis rifle, and dropping 20+ (I forget the exact number) in their hitbox. And once you kill one, it is the same process for all the rest - it would be a tedious exercise. There is a Bingo objective for killing a leviathan if you really wish to do so in a speedrunning capacity.

Any consideration would be a category extension, and the same sort of guidelines as previously used for adding new CE runs would apply - we would require a couple of examples by different runners before creating a new board.