SeaGlide x3 Speed Glitch
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SeaGlide x3 Speed Glitch

I found this glitch out while screwing around with the moonpool and it is truly something to behold.

If you build a moonpool and have it fully flooded on the inside and exit with the seaglide in hand by swiming out, it multiplies its speed by about x3 and i have consistantly done it in multiple places and times.

Just flood a moonpool and swim out of it with a seaglide in hand. The glitch will stay in effect until you re-enter the moonpool and exit without the seaglide in hand or until you un-flood the moonpool. you can also swap batteries without the glitch ending too.

California, USA

This is a very well known glitch/exploit in the speedrunning community. Thank you for the submission though, keep on the lookout for exploits!