Any% NG+ - HD Version, Charming in 1h 10m 01s by OmegaFallonOmegaFallon (Obsolete)

I was so fucking tired during this and hadn't played in 2 months how tf did this PB

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Name Duration Finished at
The Royal Tutorial 2m 58s 371ms 2m 58s
The Docks 2m 02s 874ms 5m 01s
The Pirate Ship 2m 54s 649ms 7m 55s
Ye Olde Ruins 4m 06s 067ms 12m 01s
Ye Olde Road 1m 58s 989ms 14m 00s
Academy Grounds 3m 50s 532ms 17m 51s
Prison Cell Block 3m 41s 272ms 21m 32s
Lancelot's Castle Capture 2m 46s 728ms 24m 19s
High High Peak 3m 50s 974ms 28m 10s
Ice Lake 4m 58s 532ms 33m 08s
Ice Cave 2m 37s 877ms 35m 46s
Prison Detention Center 4m 34s 266ms 40m 21s
Forest Ambush 2m 52s 613ms 43m 13s
Merlin's Hills 2m 43s 306ms 45m 57s
Evil Queen's Castle 6m 35s 981ms 52m 33s
Stromboli's Workshop 5m 01s 244ms 57m 34s
Prison Castle Capture 2m 49s 202ms 1h 00m 23s
Catacombs 3m 56s 780ms 1h 04m 20s
Rundown Streets 3m 31s 994ms 1h 07m 52s
The Grand Finale 2m 09s 028ms 1h 10m 01s
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