Military Campaign in 3h 13m 54s by TayTay (Obsolete)

Heey! This is my first speedrun attempt on Stronghold, my beloved game! I think it can be done sub 3h, there is room for maany improvements (biggests on missions 3,15,21).
Sorry for quality tho ? Next run I will try to do in better quality, with commentary and of course with better result.

EDIT: This run is outdated, my current PB is 02:36:00

Game Version: 1.3

Difficulty: Easy

Played on PC on

Submitted by TayTay on

Verified by XarthokXarthok on


Name Duration Finished at
(1) Gathering the Lost 1m 04s 000ms 1m 04s
Finishing the Fort 0m 58s 000ms 2m 02s
(3) Eliminating the Wolves 2m 11s 000ms 4m 14s
Hidden Lookout 11m 44s 000ms 15m 58s
(5) Between a Rock and a Hard Place 10m 58s 000ms 26m 57s
The Rat's Proposal 12m 10s 000ms 39m 08s
Breaking the Siege 8m 55s 000ms 48m 04s
Dealing with the Devil 10m 29s 000ms 58m 33s
The Rat's Last Stand 7m 20s 000ms 1h 05m 54s
The Snake Hunt Begins 2m 35s 000ms 1h 08m 30s
First Blood 16m 59s 000ms 1h 25m 29s
The Ransom 3m 01s 000ms 1h 28m 31s
Snake Eyes 1m 48s 000ms 1h 30m 19s
The Mountain Pass 14m 12s 000ms 1h 44m 32s
Carving a Path 6m 42s 000ms 1h 51m 14s
Fighting Retreat 4m 49s 000ms 1h 56m 04s
Smokey Bacon 17m 48s 000ms 2h 13m 52s
End of the Pig 11m 00s 000ms 2h 24m 53s
Penning in the Wolf 9m 17s 000ms 2h 34m 10s
Much Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth 8m 54s 000ms 2h 43m 05s
Final Vengance 30m 48s 000ms 3h 13m 54s
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