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In the better runs, they do a jump into the wall to clip down, instead of getting shot by that soldier.

I want to learn that. In Guides there's a video on it, but the explanation doesn't really do it for me. I try to wall jump off there and it doesn't really do anything.

What is it that you have to do to clip there?

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Hiryu can instantly clip into a wall in midair under the conditions that he does a neutral jump while having speed. This works when he preserves speed after running down a slope or by doing a midair walljump with no previous d-pad input in midair. The input is slightly different; you need to press left 1 frame before Hiryu clips into the wall & then press right on the frame after. If done correctly, Hiryu will start zipping.


I like how you copied the explanation from the comments of the video that I literally just said wasn't enough explanation. XD

I appreciate the effort, but I still don't get how you can wall jump there. I can do the one in the tutorial that Blackman taught Jimmy. But that wall it just... doesn't seem to work the same.


Well that's the only official explaining out there from what I've found - Unless someone makes a more documented one in frame advancing, it's pretty much just trial and error to find a way that works for you it seems like.


Take this with a grain of salt as I just started playing after the tutorial, so I may have no idea what I'm talking about. But hopefully this is better than nothing.

I managed to pull it off a few times on FCEUX at reduced play speed. Here's a recording of it at 10% speed (note: there is an input display on bottom left):

And here is an explanation of the inputs I used along with some visual cues:

Hope this helps; or at least gets people to start finding out and documenting what does and doesn't work.

The term "wall jump" is definitely a misnomer for this trick, as the inputs have nothing in common with the kind of wall jump that was done on Red Dragon before the new jump skip was found. This a lot more similar to a normal zip, only way less lenient.

Edit 2:
Got it in real time. So here is another example to work with:
Also confirmed from that the inputs are the same regardless of rather you get the crouched to the right pose or the knee up to the left pose after turning left in the wall.

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I've personally been calling it a Neutral Jump Zip, since it sounds like it should be usable for other places you can use a neutral jump to keep momentum to clip a wall.

Also I've recorded ~17 min of attempts at this trick and cut it down to all the near successes. I have only managed to succeed once (when I wasn't recording >_<), but these were dang close. Hopefully you guys will be able to pick out why it's not working in these attempts because it's driving me mad and maybe it'll help others trying to figure it out.

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Looks like you aren't pressing left to break out of the zip before you're forced back out of the wall, as far as I can tell from the input display. Try pressing and holding left as your sprite is starting to wrap from the top of the screen to the bottom.

I also noticed that holding right for too long after unpausing seems to make it impossible to break out of the zip in time.


I did some research on this earlier today, you can tell if the zip is possible based on the brown line at the top of the screen.

I have screenshots I can post eventually, but basically it goes

Thick brown line: Zip is impossible (I checked every possible frame to hit left on in frame advance, it can't be done)
Thin brown line: Zip is a 2 frame window. There seem to be multiple levels of thinness so it may sometimes be more or less lenient, but in general the thinner the line the better.
No brown line: You don't even need to press left to zip, the game will zip for you. It's actually fastest here to not hold right during the zip and to press no inputs until you've zipped, then hold left. Alternatively you can slide left at the top which seems to be slightly faster as you exit the zip in the cavern below while already sliding.

As of right now I can't find any setups for specific brown lines

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Have you figured out the ideal timings for when to let go of right before the jump and when to jump?


Longneckturtle: That is SO much better. Thank you so much for making that. I feel like I'll be able to figure it out now, at least knowing what buttons I'll have to hit when and where.

Can one of the admins of this board put that set of videos in the resources section? That seems like it would be really useful for newcomers to the run.


Glad it was of help! There's certainly more to it than what I posted, as Absolome described. But someone should definitely try to compile an updated guide/tutorial while the game's popularity is still running high from AGDQ. Information is a little scattered right now and it might be a turn off for new runners. The GDQ tutorial is a decent starting place, but I can see people getting annoyed that higher level runners are doing different tricks and there's not really a good place to learn them without reinventing the wheel.

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There is a discord and people can ask questions if they are interested in high level play, blues for one never even joined and he got 4:05 himself.

A tutorial should be made YES and I'd even do it myself if it comes down to it, but I still think we should hold off another 3-4 weeks to see if we can learn more about the game. A new zip was literally discovered within 5h after GDQ showing, might as well be patient for now so we dont risk the tutorial getting outdated right away.


Thanks a bunch for that video baldnate.

I just spent the last half hour or so on it and I'm definitely starting to get it. Clipping into the wall I understand, its just tricky. The part I keep blowing is getting out. It seems like there is a very tiny window of when you can hit left to zip out down below and not end up standing next to the door.

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Okay, so I've been doing the same thing. I can get into the wall occasionally, and I even get it so that Strider is crouching (which seems to be the standard "I'm gonna zip!" pose).

But what are you supposed to do after that? I'm hitting Left + Start to clip into the wall, but is there anything I'm supposed to hit after? I've tried hitting Left and it just pulls me out of the wall. But hitting nothing just pushes me out too.


once your inside the wall, hold right, unpause, let go of right, press left when you're about to go off camera from the zip. The zip can be impossible or up to 2 frame window depending on what line setup you got prior. If you have a shitty save state to practice on, that might be a problem. Assuming the camera is fine, do as explained.