What is the best emulator to use for this game?
3 years ago
North Carolina, USA

I'm very interested in speedrunning this game as I've always enjoyed the strider series and found this one to be the most enjoyable when I played them years back. So I'm wondering what is the best emulator to use for this game so I can install it and start practicing and hopefully start doing runs soon.

Texas, USA

Glad to hear it! Always great to see more people interested in Strider 2.

The most accurate emulators would be the latest versions of the following: ePSXe Mednafen Bizhawk

Of those, ePSXe is the easiest to set up. I'm not too familiar with other PSX emulators, so if you wanted to use a different one it would need reviewed for accuracy.

North Carolina, USA

Oh ok thank you for the response. I'll probably go with ePSXe since I've used it a bit before and so I now how to set it up and everything. Thank you once again.

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