Any% 1 Loop - Street Sk8er in 6m 23s by IcKYIcKY (Obsolete)

Overall a solid run with room for improvement, got stuck on a fence that killed about 2 seconds on stage 2. ?

Played on PlayStation 2 [USA] on

Submitted by IcKYIcKY on

Verified by IcKYIcKY on


Name Duration Finished at
Stage 1 1m 12s 213ms 1m 12s 213ms
Bonus Stage 0m 50s 807ms 2m 03s 020ms
Stage 2 1m 17s 706ms 3m 20s 726ms
Bonus Stage 0m 49s 748ms 4m 10s 475ms
Stage 3 2m 13s 298ms 6m 23s 773ms
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