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Would make the runs more interesting with more characters, other than the standard Shotos. Just a thought, working on a run right now with a non shoto character.

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Totally down for this. Me and Nester talked about it and hes down too.

What we're going to do is set up the Individual Level leaderboard with each Character as a "Level". Runs can be submitted to these categories and the main leaderboard simultaneously if you wish (we might be maintaining parity as well .. but its a bit of extra work, so it might be slow to update).

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I don't get it. Wouldn't it be easier and cleaner to just filter the Full-game Leaderboard by character if someone is interested in the best run for a specific character?

I mean, I don't foresee a fierce (or HP for SF2 players 😆) competition in the near future on this game to justify such a fine organization.


@JckJck That feature is already available for anyone to use. But people often don't know about it, or even acknowledge it.

It simply doesn't do much justice for communicating that someone has the best run of a specific character, especially if that same person does a better run on a different character as it would be obseleted. We could make it not obselete on character values, but it gets really messy and still makes it hard to tell who has the best what. You often end up with 1 person having 10 entries on the 1 leaderboard.

The benefit of an IL "characters" system is that people can get acknowledged for having the best run of a certain character, while keeping the main leaderboard intact. It will also show up on your profile as having "1st with Ibuki" rather than being "13th on SF3 3rd Strike". It literally effects nothing about the current leaderboard, aside from maybe a bit more work for us on the moderation side.

If doing this generates more runs submitted to the board, I'm all for it.

Edit: lol sorry I made the above comment before you edited your post. As for your 2nd comment, You're probably right .. and a lot of these characters are probably gonna be empty for a long time. But eh .. I'm pretty good at setting these things up ... its not much skin off my nose. And like I said it doesnt really effect the main board in anyway, if nobody submits to it .. no harm done.

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"If doing this generates more runs submitted to the board, I'm all for it."

I'm with you with this 👍️

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I'd love to see a Remy speedrun some day. He doesn't get enough love.

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Same I do like some Remy be neat to see what he can do