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For any runs submitted starting now, Please show game settings before starting the run.


id like to be a mod and add character variables for run submissions.


I can add character variables if u like. iI have for other fighters. Just havent really thought about it for this one or alpha 1.

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yeah it can be a little time consuming 😜


hi, I submitted a run a couple of days a go and the run was varified, too. But now the run is no longer up and the notifications doesn't show anything for the past 5 days. Anyone know what happened there, and should I just resubmit the run? Thanks.
I should also say, the run was "stf3 gba with 4 stars in 9:28 min with shin akuma".


hi Nazgurath. go ahead and resubmit your run. seems all runs around 11/16 where remove due to the site being hacked and the did a backup restore to 11/15. Anything that happen during that time did not happen.

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hi NerdyNester,
I sent 2 runs that were rejected.

I understand the reason for the psp run, but the arcade run follows the rules because in the video shows the emulator window I used.

why was it rejected?

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Oh my sorry about that @YudaYuda. When i went to watch arcade vod on my pc i click on the psp video instead and thought it was the arcade. totally my bad. So sorry about that. Fixing it now 🙂 I have my moments, this was one of them.

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