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Hello Bros, i test dxtory and the moment and this tool is compltly new for me.
The Programm capture GTA Vice City yeah thats perfect but only for recording in files but that is pointless for live streaming.

do i have a button for preview there?
I just need video.


pointless for streaming? A lot of people use it for streaming including me


in ignore settings u have to add both OBS (32 and 64 bit version), in folder TAB don't add any location. Hotkeys -only one (first on the top - start/stop movie capture and take it on for example F12). now most important is MOVIE tab... in output table just unmark file output and check direct show output - that let u capture game without saving on hdd/ssd (u can do it anyway in obs ;P), file format AVI, scaling percent 100%, dxtory video codec... now Click this yellow icon on the bottom "video settings". There u have outputs - chose one, set your resolution (i guess should be native - your screen resolution) and if u will have problem with handle that, then just downscale. (for example im playing 1920x1080, output have the same (and 30 fps + stretch adjust mode) and only on obs is downscaled. thats it 🙂 if You have unmarked in dxtory advenced tab "start movie captured when detected" then when u turn on your game just press F12 to start capture it (if u taked F12 ofc :P)