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Hi, i only have a laptop to play games on (no monitor, no pc, just a 5 year old laptop) and my OBS recordings are severely laggy and low quality video. the recording i have looks like it's in 4 fps and i want to have a smoother recording. any settings suggestion so it's not laggy?
or, if there's any recording softwares than obs that's smoother, feel free to drop them too! it would help alot


If your computer isn’t powerful enough to run both the game and OBS, you could point an external camera at the screen and record with that instead.


Very nice information thanks


@PearPear i'm pretty sure my laptop can handle a pico-8 game, though it seems to be OBS? maybe, idk


i got my obs settings from one of those "best obs settings 20XX" youtube videos so id recommend looking at those and seeing if it helps with the lag

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i tried one of those guides and the test recording i did still feels bad. it's still laggy, and now it also lags my game.
it could also be caused by the 13.62 upload Mbps, which i'm quite sure that's just how the indonesian internet service is


you could maybe screenshot your settings here.
also your internet speed isnt related to recording lag

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those are my OBS settings for video, advanced, and output