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Title says it all I tried to google but I get WiiU Suggestions not so much for the Wii. Any kind is fine but preferably a fair price and decent one. (Doesn't need to be great quality unless it's still a fair price basically)


this or any variation of it will do.

although you might want to get a hdmi-output for your wii and then get a capture card w/ hdmi support.

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Do not buy EasyCap. They're chinese fakes. (Even says this on their official website)

If you buy EzCap, only buy it from here:

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Actually, if you want a decent one that works for just about everything and you have a desktop that's at least an i5, go with AverTV HD DVR.

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i got a cheap 5$ easycap and ive had better quality than my 35$ dazzle 🙄

that EZCAP.TV 281 EzGAMER HDMI PRO look fine, except for the price.

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Cause Dazzle Kappa

Not to hate on Dazzle I mean, but looking at the quality of the older Dazzle on old Gears of War 2 vids my first EzCap looked better than that with default settings. lol

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What about the Avermedia c281?

I think I'll buy one. Is it good?


If you are still looking for an answer, I got an Elgato and it works fairly well. Cuts out sometimes but maybe that's cuz my Wii is a decade old. You'll need component connectors however (the set of five cables not just the red white and yellow).

I would say just swap out the Wii for a WiiU anyways. Elgato is flawless on the WiiU and there are just as many virtual console games on it. Quite unfortunate that they changed that up with the Switch. Oh well.