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I bought a cheap capture card recently in order to capture gameplay on the wii. When I connected the cables into the capture card plugged into my pc I went to obs under video capture device and no options for the capture card appeared. please help I cannot afford an expensive capture card.


Cheap never is cheap, I'd never recommend something like this 😉

You might have to install drivers. Did it come with a CD? (Amazon says it does)
Did you use that CD?

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I did receive the cd however I didn't know what to do with it. The current pc I use doesn't have a cd slot.


Well that would explain why nothing is working. Most devices need some kind of drivers to function if they are being plugged in via USB.

You either need to find the drivers online - assuming that the brand has drivers you can download - or you need to buy an external CD reader that you can plug in via USB. Either way, you need the drivers on that CD one way or the other.

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