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I have a youtube channel but I don't want to upload the speedrun because it will give away my next video so I was wondering if I can make it private and send it to a speedrun moderator but I don't really know what to do. Help?

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you can make the video unlisted so only people with the link can view it

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Would making the video unlisted work?

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@LeprechaunGamer_LeprechaunGamer_ you can make vids unlisted, but I'd reccomend simply making a second channel for speedrun vids / vods. (look into making a brand channel so u can use the same email if you do)


Know I'm a bit late but you can also make it a google drive and make it so only people with the link can view it. Not many people know this but it's accepted just the same


just make it unlisted


Don’t bump old threads if you have nothing relevant to say. And besides, @TuttereyTutterey already said what you said.

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