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Hey guys,
I've been practicing some games and I think I'm at the point where I want to start streaming and/or recording. I've used OBS before for a let's play on my youtube channel, but that's about it; I know how to capture the video and record live audio from my mic ontop, but that's it.

What is the easiest ' point A to point B' ways of streaming, especially for a PC that isn't the strongest? Are there are differences between using Youtube Live vs Twitch?

Thanks for your help and I hope to get up and active soon


Twitch is more popular for speedrunning.
Twitch has Speedrunslive support.

YouTube has free transcoding.

You can use either OBS, OBS Studio, XSplit, Mishira ... etc
Some people would say "OBS masterrace" but the best is to do the tests by yourself and see which streaming software fits you the best.


do you have a Quad core CPU or a dual core? Livestreaming seems to work better on a CPU with at least 4 threads and cores.


As far as lightening the load for your streaming settings, opt for 30FPS if you need to cut a setting. 60FPS is a lot more demanding, and will also require you to use a higher bitrate in order to avoid pixelation.

If you are indeed streaming older systems, I imagine you can get away with:

1500 bitrate

And that's at a push, you'll probably be able to mess with and lower those settings as necessary if you still have problems. I think Twitch throttles non-partnered streamers to 2500 bitrate anyway, so certainly don't bother with going for 3500.


Thanks for all the info! Totally test it out this weekend.

My CPU is Intel Pentium J2900 @ 2.4GHz - believe it's dual

8 GB of ram and using Windows 10 on a 64-bit system.


I won't lie, you're probably going to struggle with a Pentium CPU. Be prepared to compromise on video settings in order to not drop a lot of frames, streaming takes a lot of processing power.


Fair enough - it might even be best to just record offline and upload runs to sites rather than do it live.

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Thats what ive been doing as of late. I've been uploading my runs to youtube and submitting them via that way. Your set up is going to balance with what you desire as well. If you want a higher interraction with more possible community support and building your own live stream channel and such, then you may want to try streaming at low quality. If you dont care too much about chat interaction and such, then you might want to do it the way you stated. You can still participate in forums, irc, discord, etc, so you arent completely alienated from the community.

I have decent hardware, but I only run/practice for short amounts of time, and it is a bit sporadic due to my jobs, so i just find it easier to record and let the videos upload overnight.