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yeah i want to get a new composite capture card since my (magical) easycap is not working and is very bad and the composite to hdmi converter i use currently is super bad and stuff like that.

GV-USB2 is out of the question see pic -->


Is the $60 of shipping and import fees standard for things being shipped into your country? Have you tried searching eBay for a gv-usb2 to see if there’s a seller on there who won’t gouge you with shipping costs? (Your screenshot looks like Amazon so that’s why I wanted to ask about eBay).

I only push for that because you’re really not gonna get much better than a gv-usb2. I can try to dig up a few others out there for composite - I think my very first one was a Diamond VC500 card, but looking at it now, it’s more expensive than a gv-usb2. Unless somebody had any other specific recommendations, I can see a ton of random brands on Amazon but I can’t vouch for the quality of any of them.


yes the screenshot if from amazon its just that anything shipped outside of eu(especially america) will have stupidly high shipping costs


AverMedia's Composite Capture Card:

No real experience with this, but they're a pretty reputable company for capture cards. I may buy this eventually just to test, as I have both the GV-USB2 and an official ezCap and there's very little difference between the two for me. ezCap actually looking a little better surprisingly in some cases.

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Didn't know AverMedia had a composite capture card ill take a look at that
my HDMI/component capture card is from them so i have good expections

and yeah when i used to use the EZcap it looked like as good as the gv-usb2 to my eyes, its just so much work trying to get it to work and finding drivers now is hard and all the ones i tried (on two different pc's) didnt work anymore


I think using a HDMI to composite translator will work! I never used it though, so no promises.

Edit: Or just use a smartphone to film your TV! I've done that with a switch in a dark room and it works great!


They said in the OP that their current composite to HDMI converter is very bad, so I don’t think that’s an option. Besides, I wouldn’t ever recommend using a composite to HDMI converter unless you’re using a top of line upscaler (RetroTink, OSSC, Frameister) because otherwise you’re going to get really bad quality and awful lag from any of the basic ones you can find online. Upscaling analog signals to digital is a complex process if you want it done right, hence why there’s very specialized hardware to do it and do it well.


yea good point. I didn't read that part im dumb as frick


I've done some tests and using a composite capture card looks better than using an adapter to a hdmi capture card


@PASRCPASRC of course it is better to use a composite capturecard than a converter with hdmi capturecard WHICH is why im here asking people if they know some good composite capturecards


I bought the Elgato HD card used from someone locally.
It's actually pretty dang good, but i found it does have a little lag because it's USB 2 and kinda older.

I just use my retro console, hook it to a retrotink 2x and there to any capture card, usually Elgato or Avermedia external or internal.


Epic! How much was the price btw?


I think i paid like $75 CDN for it used. Came with all the cables etc.
That's the Elgato HD.

Check ebay for it used, preferably with the Composite Cables.
Or local facebook marketplace.


kinda late reply here but i think im just gonna try to get the new retrotink mini (only has composite and s video) when it comes out to just convert and at the same time upscale the output
thanks for the suggestions 😃