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Hi, I have some speedruns which I exported from my Xbox in the form of videos. Is there some way to show livesplit alongside them?


video editor is what you are looking for


I assume by your question that you have a video of a run from xbox, and you want to add livesplit timer besides the run in post-production?

I've done a similar thing in the past. My goal was to "replace" the livesplit timer in my recorded runs, mainly because my timing was off in lot of splits and I wanted the result more clean. It can also be used to add a livesplit timer to a video without timer.

What I did was to use OBS alone. You set a scene and add two resources - "window capture" for Livesplit, and "media capture" for your video file.
For the media capture I set the options: "Restart playback when source becomes active" and "Show nothing when playback ends".
Then, with the video file and livesplit are next to each other, whenever you set the media capture as active the video file will start playing. Then you can record a new video in OBS, which will "record the record" while you sit next to it and split in the relevant times.

Splitting manually like that will work if your runs are fairly short. If they are long (or in my case, where I wanted to split in exact frames) I used a pre-written script to do the splits for me, while leaving the computer alone for the duration of the re-recording (Livesplit must be visible in order for OBS to track visual changes on it).

There might be an alternative route with video editing software, but I'm not experienced enough with those.