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I really wanted to get into speedrunning. It would be so great playing gameboy games, and it can easily be done by playing on a emulator.

But the feeling of playing on a emulator is just.. wrong.

I have always seen these pieces of equipment you need to stream on the original consoles as really ekspensive..

Do you guys use emulators? 😮


many people do and there is no reason not to use one if you cant play it on console for somereason
also as i live in finland i have pal consoles so early consoles like my n64 cant even compare with the ntsc-u and ntsc-j consoles so the cheapest solution is to emulate of course i could buy an ntsc console which would cost like 50€ to 80€ (guess) and then shipping from where ever and if its outside of eu ill have to pay customs



I'm from the Game Boy speedrun community and can speed specifically to this.

Game Boy is lucky enough to have some very accurate emulators. 2 emulators, bgb and gambatte, are pretty much universally accepted among the game boy boards. Bizhawk running the gambatte core is also generally considered legal as well. (Emulator timing results: )

That being said, I prefer to run on console myself.

Hardware recording equipment:
You have 2 main options for GB runs on hardware;
-The Super Game Boy 2 (Japanese only, so likely has to be imported) and a SNES.
-The Game Boy Player, a Game Cube (Also recommended to run the custom GBi software in place of the GBP software)

You'd need either one of these, and also a composite capture card. The GVUSB-2 is the most common inexpensive cap card I see.
I believe the SGB2 route is the less expensive, but the GBi route allows you to play GBC and GBA games as well

I hope this helps.


Assuming you have the console and games already the cost of streaming original hardware can be as cheap as pointing a webcam or phone camera at your TV, all the way up to expensive capture cards and console mods that certainly make for a pretty stream but that's it. The middle ground of course is something like an SD capture card like the GVUSB2. Since you're asking about emulation, I'm assuming you're looking to play games from the PS2/GC era and earlier, so SD capture should cover those just fine.

As far as emulation goes, it's perfectly fine and acceptable. Why it feels wrong to you I don't know, but so long as the emulation is accurate, there shouldn't be an issue. Some communities even allow less than perfect emulation due to console/game obscurity.