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I have a small laptop and a camcorder to record my run. Will you accept the video if it's good enough quality? I can try samples of each. Since I'm on the go I haven't had a chance to get a new computer yet. Whatever comes first.

Do you have samples already or is everyone here in the modern age of twitch?


Every game has different rules regarding acceptable quality for runs. You need to discus with the moderators of the game(s) in question about what is acceptable proof for them. In most cases though, as long as the video is of decent quality and the TV is clear, then recording off a phone is fine if you don’t have a capture card.


I wanted to do at least one more speedrun of a game. It might be better if I explained how to get better by written word than video. When the content of writing is well enough it makes up for lack of animation. Though this is myself today 7/5/20. This is what my labtop shows though I might want to consider a capture card.