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Howdy gamers! I've been using a GV-USB2 capture card for Wii composite and s-video capture for a couple months now and haven't had any issues with it until recently.

The problem involves the capture card outputting a loud static and intermittent beeping noise consistently. This static persists whether or not video is being captured and even if composite cables are plugged into it or not. So far, I've tried reinstalling the drivers, forgetting the device on device manager, and changing usb ports. However, the only thing that seems to "fix" the issue is when I completely unplug the capture card from my computer and composite cables for a long amount of time and plug it in later. This "fix" only works randomly and isn't reliable.

Are there any tech geniuses or aficionados that can figure out the cause or solve this issue? I've scoured the internet for answers but can't find any similar scenarios or solves. It would be greatly appreciated!!!

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So I'm having the same exact issue and this really sucks because I've only had this thing for 3 months. Did you ever find a fix?

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same problem for me too, doesn't know how to handle that, video is good but audio is keep static.

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Has anyone seen any help on this issue? OP has my EXACT issue. I am losing my mind!

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Same issue.

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I'm gonna take a guess and say you're using OBS to record then upload to youtube? I'm using a knock-off "easyCap" usb recorder for my ps2 footage. While searching for videos I did find one that really help get rid of the hum and eliminate the issue completely. You'll want to make sure you add a noise suppression filter to your gv-usb2 audio source. I have mine set to -30dB, hope that helps 🙂

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@undeRatedundeRated This is not related to audio filtering or anything of the sorts. The issue is that the GVUSB is outputting static/pinging noises rather than distorted game audio. As of now, I still have not found anything that solves this issue and have gotten a second GVUSB since then. If anyone ever finds a fix to this, please post!

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You're the first person I could find that actually has the same issue as me. I've searched on YouTube, Google, and about everywhere else and I'm not getting what I'm looking for. I can also confirm that the only way it has been fixed for me was by unplugging it for a long time and plugging it back in. Again, it doesn't always work and I am then set back to square one. I have to turn my TV volume all the way up with my GV-USB2 muted and it kills my ears to have the volume that loud.

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Mine has a very similar issue starting today. I think it was because I unplugged it from my usb port without ejecting it first with amarec still open.


About how long are we talking about for unplugging it? Mine is doing this now.