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So I have a Dazzle capture card I use for streams, but it doesn't have audio capture. If I buy an EZcap, could I use it for audio only while using my Dazzle for video capture? Seems like it would work, but I want to get some other opinions on it before I buy one.


Personnaly i have never heard of something like that.
Still, i guess it could work if it's not the audio and video on both devices ?


Normally running 2 capture sources means you need to put the input source through both of them for it to work the way you are explaining. Also just because you can hook them up doesn't mean they will work, so short any is I would just get a capture card that does both audio and video. I personally use a Avermedia Live HD, and it works for everything so far with HDMI outputs, I recently acquired 2 pieces of extra hardware, a HDMI splitter that strips HDCP out of protected consoles like the PS3 and also a RCA to HDMI upscaler which works great for my GC atm. I have no knowledge how how your mentioned capture card works but I know allot of people low end recommend Elgato cards, and myself and others prefer mid to high end Avermedia cards or Blackmagic.
Feel free to ask about anything else if nothing has answered you successfully.


If you are using OBS you can capture audio through a separate source than video. Just change the audio input to the ez cap and keep the video input as the dazzle. I would recommend just buying a GV-USB2 and calling it a day


I use my GV-USB2 for Audio and my Dazzle for Video if I´m playing PAL60 games (my GV-USB2 doestn´t capture them for some reason) and it works just fine, so I´d answer that question with yes you can!



I have a dazzle, works fine. You sure you have the splitters hooked up?

Did you ever read the first post before posting that ?