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Bah Fil I was on a slow machine.


Bah Fil I was on a slow machine.


Hope this works..

well the speed is alright for streaming.. my problem is my cpu and gpu^^ put 720p works so I got that going for me, which is nice 🙂 Kappa



In stark constrast to above, despite probable similar circumstances:

ADSL1 FailFish


Get on my level scrubs Kappa

Australia confirmed faster than Sweden.

EDIT: The joke is ESA connections makes me cry when I get home.


In Australia, even the upload/download rates are upside down.

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Why couldn't my place have this? BibleThump Was curious what we had at course, which are completely useless for streaming:

But I'll have another update for my own when our internet finally gets upgraded to VDSL. My brother reckons it'll have up to 20mbps upload.

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Decent speeds at my college OneHand


Good enough to stream i guess OpieOP


New VDSL internet is up and it's an improvement, might be a couple of days till the speed is up to date as it's still pretty slow right now: