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So, i'm the only runner of this game called Grid Runner!

I'm trying to make routes for the game, but testing each and every single one sequentially is the work for years of non stop comparisons... or just getting a map and scribbling on it.

the thing is, i CANNOT, rip the game's textures, 3d models, nor nothing, i have the entire game here, multiple versions, and on multiple different formats, but i always come out empty handed.

i've managed to figure out that DA is a sound file, and STR are the cinematic movies, but wtf is an .ERF file? it must be them, all the graphics surelly are stored in there, specially with names like 'STAGE03' and 'LOCALE06', but I simply can't get them to open, there's simply no information about it, on the entire internet, as far as i can tell...

but i'm only one person, so if anyone can help me, or at least give me a direction, it would be much appreciated.


Maybe you ask the 2 people who were running the game? Last run submitted to Grid Runner was 3 months ago.


This is a reddit repost bot, the original poster is the more recent runner of the game: