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Does anyone know how to make a Background to my stream so It's not just the game video and splits?


Add an image in OBS/xsplit and set it to the back of the layers is what you mean i think


¤Set it to the top of the layers

What good is this cool layout if your too large webcam (as an example) just runs over everything? lol


You can do a layout with Gimp or Photoshop. You just have to let some transparent space. Then you just have to do as Trollbear said.


codmw3man if its a background it has to be the backlayer but if its like a layout with spaces cut out then its top layer. so it depends on the purpose of the "background"


Yeah. I just assume when someone says "background for a stream" that they mean layout (because they usually do lol)


If the layout graphics go on top of the game/splits/camera, it isn't a background but a foreground, which says something about the priority of certain elements on the stream.