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Hi, I recently wanted to record a video of my game. What do you recommend?
I saw a 109.99 capture card on sale at dealnews today, and the discount is a bit steep. I'm not sure if I should buy it, should I choose an elgato capture card?
But the elgato capture card is a bit expensive.
I'm a little confused ......

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Section 7 of FAQs:
That being said, recording with a phone or camera is perfectly fine and allowed on almost all leaderboards (as the FAQs + recommended capture card thread ( ) found in the FAQs suggest).

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AverMedia or Elgato are two decent brands to choose from. From past experience of streamers I'm familiar with, Elgato does seem to have a slightly higher failure rate though, at least from their older cards about 3-4 years ago.

The prices are a bit steep on these products however, yeah. There really is no point "recommending" a card unless you state your budget though, or what country you are in.


30$~~? i doubt thats going to even work or if it is its going to have some giant drawback


I highly recommend the el cheapo.
This is a lenghty read but a good one and one of the cheapest capturing devices you will find. It is also very good.

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Can confirm, that 15$ dongle is insanely good for the price and all you need if 720/60 or 1080/30 is good enough for you.

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Huh, good to know.

I've got a WiiStar USB-C for my capture, but it's fiddly at times. This thing looks better than what I've got for a little less than half the price.

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The thing with cheap capture devices is that they are hit or miss. The El cheapo and all of his friends (copies of the same chip) are proven to be stable and can be easily found. And funnily enough, most of the more expensive no name products just use the same internals and increase the price by a good amount.

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The cheap ones are pretty solid for 720p from my experience, but I had issues w/ 1080p 60 fps. Also the fact that you need to buy an HDMI splitter was off-putting for me. When I was buying, the price of the mirabox was about the same as those 2 things combined and I've been using it with next to no issues so far.

@SioNSioN as I stated above, the mirabox is only like $40-50 on amazon depending on your country (apparently it's $100 in canada for some reason), but it works fine and has passthrough. Haven't tested any 4k capabilities since I don't have anything 4k, but it works great for 1080p.


You don't even know what console he is trying to capture hdmi from. If it is a ps3 he needs a splitter anyways, unless the mira also strips hdcp


@Dyne_NuitariDyne_Nuitari hdmi is captured the same way on every console (to my knowledge), he won't need a splitter since the mirabox has passthrough.


I believe the capture card he was wondering about also had passthrough.


HDMI has HDCP, which needs to be stripped for some platforms (f.e. Ps3 has HDCP enabled and it cannot be disabled). A cheap HDMI splitter strips "unintentionally" the HDCP off the HDMI signal, therefore you can record the PS3.

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