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Figured I might aswell just post my streaming setup, it's nothing special but this is what I'm looking at when streaming/running.

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I updated my setup a bit.
Quality is still poop because phone OpieOP

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My setup one year and three months after the previous picture. Now with 100% more torn-apart looking desk.

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Nothing too exciting. Just me, my laptop, controller, and headset. (lmao this is a pretty old pic too)

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One year later ;^)


First post here. Here's my setup:


Almost 2 years since I last posted mine but needed an excuse to get some shots with my new DSLR. Kappa

Not much change, just that I no longer use a wireless mouse/keyboard (what a stupid idea), my TV is wall mounted and that I now use a Blue Snowball for my microphone:

Also got a PS2 with a HDD on the back of the desk but no photo.