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Using OBS. Anyone ever notice this, and know how to deal with it? I had it happen last time I tried to stream, with 2 games -- Reveal the Deep and BEEP. With some struggle, I was able to capture the title screens for each game and I thought all was good, but when I then advanced to the game proper, still only the title screen showed up on stream. Frankly I didn't even know that was possible.


So you tried both Game & Window Capture, that only leaves Monitor Capture,
with that just crop down the area to the game's window.

if that doesn't work, then obs just can't grab that game.


Game Capture seldom, if ever, works for me. It usually just gives me a plain black screen. I didn't try Monitor Capture, guess I could give that a shot.


Game Capture never works for any game?


Not that I can easily recall.


That's unfortunate. I just realized that I've been using "window" as a default. "Game" wasn't an issue for every game, but it was unreliable enough that I made it my second option. I wonder what the difference is and why it can be so precarious.


Do you have a Laptop by chance?


Yeah, Alienware. I know, I know, I didn't "build" a rig myself (choosing parts =/= building), so I don't deserve to live, but I don't have the room in my place for a desktop. Nor the money right now. And this comp serves me pretty well 90% of the time.

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Try running the game in either full screen or windowed (opposite of your normal setup). I know that in order for Game Capture to work with Street Fighter V is for it to be in full screen in order to be recognized. The other solution is to use Shadowplay.



"I know, I know,"

You sound like you've been through some traumatic events, immediately defending yourself at the mere mention of a laptop 😛