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Nice old photo of my keyboard.
Filco Majestouch 2 with ivory finish and DSA black blank keycaps.

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I cleaned my stock keyboard from my old cpu, since I still use it, for the first time in like 9 years, and it was unspeakable.


Use a laptop, its keyboard is trash.

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This is the keyboard I use. It's a Ducky One. I absolutely love it. Almost everything is customizable and replaceable.
This model has brown switches.


@Komrade is that the 95~ish key one? I was looking at that a while back I think. how do you like it?


@Varanice 84 key. It's about as compact as it gets. It's also about as minimalist as it gets, so if back lighting and detachable cables and such is something you care about then look elsewhere.

It's fine though, a bit pricey for what it is, at least, when I got it it was a little over 100usd


Logitech K120, super basic, but I like it a lot. I spent all of my power up rewards points on entries for GameStop’s Razer giveaway for the hell of it, didn’t win lol


Steel Series apex 100 because the rest of my hardware left me broke when i built this system


I actively use a Razer Blackwidow from 2014. Model number RZ03-0039. I can't provide a picture because the best camera I have is a webcam that turns off almost immediately after plugging it in.

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HowDenKing, I have the exact same Logitech K280e and while it's not gaming oriented I really like it. Ghosting is minimal and you need to be playing or doing really specific things for it to drop any input. Other than that, no idea why you think it's that bad.


GXT 865, decent for the price


I have been using a Corsair K70 for the past two years. Though, the switch of my D key is not responding properly as well as the keyboard is damaged a little due to taking it to LAN's and stuff. Recently bought a K55, just to try out a non mechanical keyboard and I instantly regret it.. Literally after using it for 25 minutes.. I swapped back to my K70 lmao.


Yes i love my K70, bought it at the beginning of the year and i think its fantastic

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Whatever keyboard is in this laptop. Says it's by SteelSeries. Got some nifty backlighting. Does have a NUMpad.


Logitech K120 keyboard, standard office keyboard, works fine but doesnt really have anything special about it. About $10-20.

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Currently using an Ergodox EZ with '1976 SA keycap' set

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