This thread is all about your keyboard, mechanical, knucker, membrane or whatever post it, maybe give some detail too and what you think and if you would recommend.

This is mine

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2012 Cherry MX Blues

Got this keyboard of a friend who used it for not even a week because he doesn't like Razer's software and the switches ,so its pretty much brand new keyboard I got minus it not being 2013 which is a lime green backlight and the 2014, is just no.

Overall I enjoy this keyboard and am already feeling much better in my wrists and fingers, as for the switches themselves I think everyone is over exaggerating them, they are a bit loud but not as loud as people are saying and yes my parents aren't shooting me so clearly they aren't that loud.

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Bad picture but whatever Kappa b


Not fancy but does the job right DatSheffy


my really average keyboard, looks a lot dirtier than I normally see



I had to purchase the chip-clip separatley. Would not recommend



Corsair K95 Vengence with Cherry MX Reds


Logitech K260 wireless. It does the job but the mouse drains batteries quite fast

  ToriksLVToriksLV Logitech G710+ with Cherry MX Brown switches.

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New keyboard = New post OpieOP
And i already broke it, of course OneHand


Offering you a view of my mouse and mousepad too.
Keyboard : QPad MK-50
Mouse : Razer Abyssus
Mouspad : QPad CT Collector Shootmania Edition

(And yeah I use a Wavebird to play Gamecube games 😛 )


corsair vengeance k70 with browns

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QWERTZ ftw Kappa

Also I have the same as Dragon just with wires so I copied his image, I'm damn lazy 😛


Ducky Shine YOTS Aluminium body with MX Blacks for playing, Cheeseboard with MX Reds for coding 😃

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Logitech K120

rubber caps, works great even for gaming.


Logitech K120, only the champagne of keyboards for me.

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Leopold FC750R w/ Cherry Browns. Used to have Cherry Reds but I slam my keys down hard and didn't enjoy the lack of feedback. Been waiting for like 2 months for this group buy to ship new caps although these feel really nice.

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Logitech K280e - shitty keyboard for speedrunning - do not buy unless you need something really cheap or office work.
great for office work, sturdy, good key feedback, bit of ghosting.


Corsair K70 RGB with Cherry Reds. Solid board, feels great to play on, not so much for typing.