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Lately I've noticed an issue on some of my recordings. I don't know if this is a OBS or Capture Card (AVerMedia LGP Lite) issue, but there's some weird noises in the background of the recordings.

Example of problem:

You can tell the issue just from listening to the first few seconds.

I don't know if it's only me hearing this either and I need new headphones, but when I check other runs that don't have audio, they don't have the same noises, so.


Is there a particular timestamp in that video that has what you're talking about? I only watched part of it briefly but aside from it being very quiet it sounds fine to me.


It happens right at the beginning of the video. Since nobody hears it though, I guess my headphone machine is b r o k e.



Yeah, I don't hear it. It could be a specific frequency that the set doesn't like that's causing it, or maybe even interference or volume.

...Or... Game's haunted.


Is it a popping/crackling sound? The video is quite quiet so its hard to really tell.

I believe thats to do with your sound card, but I could be wrong.


Even when I turn on sound compression I can't hear what you're talking about and I'm usually very picky about production issues.


Like I said in my second post, the sound is only on my end, it looks like. I just wanted to know if anyone else could hear it.

If I could try to describe it, it sounds like a bird chirping. The noise happens whenever there's no sound playing on my PC, and it's very quiet, but it seems to be louder if I play a video and parts of it don't have audio.

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