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How do I mute Discord during my runs? Recording. I'm a no mic and my friends always talk so people think that when my friends talk its me talking.

I wanna keep Discord open so I can at least hear people because the game i'm grinding right now its quite long and i'll get bored without people


You can enable "Streamer Mode" in the Discord settings (if you use something like OBS this will be enabled automatically when that's open, or you can bind it to a hotkey), or you can set your status to "Do Not Disturb".


from what i understood with my tiny brain you want to be in a voice call while streaming but not having the voice call in the stream?


Oh, I probably should have read the question better. I think you need something like Virtual Audio Cable to do this.


Yeah, I meant while the application is open. I'll mess around for a little


Do you stream console games? If so, only have your capture card output to the stream.
PC game? If it's a newer game, you can route the game audio to a Virtual Audio Cable (or unused sound source) and only stream that.

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