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Please help me set up timer and record on iPad. I don’t know how.


Are you asking how to use an iPad to record a run (like using the iPad to record your TV for a game you’re playing on console) or are you asking how to record your gameplay of an iOS app on an iPad?

The advice is different depending on which scenario you’re asking about.

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I’m asking how to record the iPad screen. Do I have to follow any rules? And also answer my other question


Use the screen recorder built in to the latest iOS (Google search iOS screen recorder, it's a simple process).
You won't be able to record splits at the same time on an iPad, but you could edit the video later on a computer to include them.

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Hey guys any ios/ipad apps recommended please reply if so



Here’s a thread you could look at. Also, next time create your own thread rather than reviving an unrelated one.