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I saw an amazon there is a peripheral that can play GBA/GBC/GB/NES/SNES/Mega Drive, etc. Is this console allowed general-wise or depending on a game's individual rule. It would take the hassle out of buggy emulator events and not having to buy different consoles.

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If going for general-wise, it's always better to assume "Ask the game's community/check the rules."

From my experience with it, it's really only good for casual use and the convenience of being HDMI compatible. At the end of the day it's a box with several different hardware emulators in it, and I don't think they're running the most accurate and/or up-to-date emulators.

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Ok. thanks, lad. That was my original idea.


Aren't Hyperkin consoles like actually horrible? Im pretty sure they are known to be inaccurate and riddled with lag/latency. I would honestly stay away from it no matter what, just from a pure gameplay perspective.


@TimmiluvsTimmiluvs ok, thanks lad. Worse comes to worse, ill just get a better pc to better handle a emulator, or just buy the console.