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I cant get the Auto Hotkey thing to work.
I downloaded the Programm and the Script from the Resources Tab.

If i do some settings like in the Video i just keep getting Error Messages when i want to start the Rebind.ahk File

Here is what i get:
I get another 2 messages after that and it says it "resets" to default settings (it doesn't really do anything).

The Rebind.ahk wont start unless i remove the checkmarks from Animation Cancel and WSC. In Stardew it wont do anything (Only cand do the normal chopping etc.), so i just assume the program doesnt work because the checkmarks are unset.

No matter which Key i set, what's wrong?

The 2nd File from Blackheartwings completly wrecks my PC. The file dissapears when i execute it, my browser crashes and my Left Mouse Button does only bullshit, so i have to reboot.