Category Extensions now live

Voting is now finished and the Extensions Leaderboard is now live. Runs that survived the 2 rounds of votes - Perfection, 4 Candles, Hatmouse, Parsnip%, Talk to everyone, Posh%, Seaurchin%, Hidden note statues (??%), Skull Caverns 100, underwearsoup, Junimo Kart, Junimo Kart Progress Mode (and seeded Perfection and 4 Candles)

There are a few small differences for this leaderboard. Meme runs don't have multiplayer due to the length of (most) of the runs. There is only Glitchless for this leaderboard as well, with no plans on adding Vanilla (you can filter the leaderboard to show only no AC runs), NDE, or Glitches (due to the reduced glitches available on newer versions of the game).

Perfection will also allow for breaks in the runs, so if you do Perfection please be aware of the different requirements for recording and breaks.