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Because of the number of speedrunners here, they don't really need any more mods. I believe mods are selected as needed- and you do not apply. They select you if you are worthy of it.

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Mods are usually appointed on a needed basis, and since this game isnt too popular in terms of speedrunning, 1-2 mods is perfectly fine and no more are really needed. As long as the mods are reviewing runs in a timely manner (which they have been), there is no reason for anymore mods.

(Also, I know I am not a mod, for this game or any game. But usually asking to become mod when more mods isnt needed is a great way to NOT become a mod (at least in my opinion). Its also good for mods to be people who have speedrun the game and been apart of the community for a while.)

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when we need somone will get somone who is very active.

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