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Since they even have a timer at the end and a PB I feel like its kinda meant to do as fast as possible. So arethere plans on making this a category? Or did I just manage to miss it somewhere?


There is the potential for the category but we would want to have a submitted run first. If you wish to run this do a run of it and send me a link on discord (@AimTech) and i will add it. Just dont want random empty category around 😃

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I would be interested in running these if they became a category!
a cool addition to them could be All Scenarios or All Light or All Dark Scenarios as well.


I did some runs of this, and it was actually really fun! Hopefully we'll get to see some action for it soon! It would be great to discuss some potential strats after some more people look into it. What I have is a decent place to start.

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