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I noticed several speedruns which are wrong category....

first and second level - 1st place AD2. I Click film and what i see? Via nostalgica! 2st place MCMic origin with his TAS (i don't know whether they are permitted) 2st by brmbrmcar is correctly.

Please fix it.


If you looked at the video, the title is Supertux IL's 1-4. The first four levels are included in the video. Sorry for the confusion.

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ouch right i don't notice, sorry. However no better simply split videos? eg. boss battle in speedrun which has 4 seconds, in video Dugglez last 44 sec, really? Similar is with other videos 🙁


those were failed attempts, the last one was the correct time


i don't know how to contact the moderator, so i write here.
I submit new record for living in a fridge level. He was accepted but then disappeared. I suspect that the description could mislead - i don't use any TAS - so if he was not uploads materials here.


It has been approved again and (should be) visible.


I never submitted any run here using TAS, only speedrun I made with my gamepad.