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Hello ,
I'm here to show you something strange and really unacceptable .

The rules on the Serious Sam Series are "play on Tourist difficulty level, beat game as fast as possible.
If no loadings were used send your In-Game time from last screen, otherwise - time from your split program"

But there is a Runner , ImFuryPro , he's not following the rules of , all the runs post by him are a full video montage . He's using quick save/load and cut the fails on the vidéo ,

Some exemples

SS TFE Normal
2.40 , 15.30 the music restart without any other reason than quick load
36min37 the playing time at the end of the game is 1h06min

SS TSE Normal
32.45 the music restart again and canon ammo refill in the bottom right corner
50min49 the playing time at the end of the game is 1h50min

This is a shame for all other runners of the game , he's submiting IGT instead of the RTA and lie to all of us ...
Is there someone who can do anything for this ? He's far away to the first place on all category .

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Ok, I explain and for you. It saving and loadings of game, replay of the moments, isn't forbidden by the rules speedrun.

Here a fragment of their rules in SDA:
A run is either single-segment or segmented:

Single-segment: Beats the game in one sitting. Resetting or using save&quits midrun are allowed, but may be a separate category if they speed things up significantly.
Segmented: Uses saves or passwords to play parts of the game individually and then combines the 'segments' into a full run. We may instead host runs of each level in an “Individual Levels” table if the game is split into levels and nothing transfers between them.


on the top right corner , under submit run , there is something called "show rules" .

"If no loadings were used send your In-Game time from last screen, otherwise - time from your split program"

Your time isn't 36min37 or 50min49 but 1h06 and 1h50 this is the RTA you had to submit .

We're not on SDA , follow the rules please .


So all you require is a full segement no loads. Just one straight play through yes?


you can save/load , bur your time become the RTA not the IGT .

rules are explicit , if you save/load you can't submit your run with the IGT
here Any% is a single segment , ImFuryPro made a multi-segment .


Ah why wasnt this noticed before they were approved?


i don't know , maybe because he cut parts where he fail ?


It's impossible to notice in this game if things like ammo and score match between segments. If he wouldn't show the stats screen, nobody would even notice (this could be made as a rule - show final stats screen).

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well just pm the mods over twitch mate.


the restart of the songs is a real proof of it , there is no reason for the music to restart like that .

And like i said , the playing time at the end dosen't match with the submit time so there is a lot of time cut .

i'll PM one later .


I wonder how didn't I notice that myself, because I was actually looking through it yesterday (50:something TSE run).
That's not allowed BY ANYONE neither SDA nor

In fact - that's first time I see someone actually doing that, so I'm truly shocked.
That's actually why I created timing thread, where I suggested adding both IGT and RTA

To ImFuryPro - show me that SDA thread please, it seems that it is not everything that's written there and if so I'll contact them, since that NEVER been the case and was always restricted by community of a game (which normally goes through SDA submissions more closely than I do here).

I wouldn't go as low as calling someone a cheater, but we have reasons to believe that those runs are FAKE and are montaged (we have music resets/ammo bumps in corner with no reasons, also final Playing Time is significantly different).
I was actually contacted by FootBigMike about that before, but he didn't state it THAT badly, so I was like "sure I'll look into it when I have time" and created threads.

As for now I will change times of all these runs for what Playing Time shows.
If you don't like that, ImFuryPro, you are free to remove your runs.
Wouldn't go further in speech until you answer with SDA thread you were talking about.


The "thread" ImFuryPro mentions is SDA's Knowledge Base. However, the rules there are not very detailed and I personally believe that ImFuryPro simply misinterpreted them. It would not be the first case, I've seen such runs before.

Tezur0: Using Playing Time as a timer is imho not a good idea since this game has a perfect IGT. If anything, you could add real time as another time, but it's imho not necessary and actually even contraproductive since Playing Time probably counts loading screen, which have different lenght depending on your PC.

If I can suggest couple things to the mods:

1) Move ImFuryPro's runs to segmented category
2) Set "always show" rules
3) Add a rule to show final stat screen for proof of doing the run in one sitting


Ewil, I made you a mod on TFE and TSE LBs, so please, sort this out and create segmented categories, since you said you were willing to help.
I must go now.


OK, thanks 🙂

EDIT: I'll also add individual levels, but I gotta go now as well.

EDIT2: Levels added. I'll start adding the fastest known record tomorrow.

I also added an option for coop runs since there's already one being encoded - made by 8 guys.

Tezur0: Do you think you could also make me a mod for SSHD and SS2?


i'm a bit late bue thanks a lot , for all Serous sam runners


Don't want to insult ImFuryPro - runs are good, BUT they are not single-segment (don't state for our single-segment rules at least).
I'll change times, so that they are accurate (since I messed with them). Hope you understand.

Ewil - thanks for those IL tables - great job you are doing!
About HD - don't know, me and freezard were doing fine on those, guess no harm to it though.
About 2 - yeah sure.



HD versions have some missing videos that are available on, so I just wanted to add them.


Well, I will tell so,
First, I recognize that I made a serious mistake that wrote that this run is Single-Segment, but not Segmented as they actually are that very much angered the runner of Seliave that very strongly I apologize before it and before all runners that so all offended, offended and so on.

Secondly, I will notice that fact that rules on the page in TFE and TSE were incomplete, as led to my misunderstanding.

Thirdly, rules are also they are uniform. If you play in the Speedrun mode, probably you have to act by rules of the first source, that is SDA. As, it can be compared to football, don't care, in what federation of football you play, FIFA or UEFA. Rules for them are uniform, but not so that if you play in federation of UEFA, and speak to you, here to you not FIFA and a rule of the game different here. Therefore if the question of rules was raised here, I ask to consider this option.

Once again I apologize all Serious Sam Runners, for such inconveniences which I brought to you.


SDA haven't updated their rules ever since they were written, and actual misunderstandings already had place (yet rules were only fixed for 100% I believe), so you are not first, you are not last, that's alright. For the fact that rules here were incomplete - yeah, now I sort of realised that name "Single-segment" never stated a proper explanation of what that segment is, so yeah.

No worry, glad we actually managed to figure some solution without going as low as throwing stones at each other 😉


кротим ремув алл гейм

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