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Im new too speedrunning and ive only gave 2 characters classic modes a try Sonic and Mr. Game and Watch. Both are pretty fun too speed run this catagory can deff be fustrating tho lol. But im just curious on which characters classic modes are your favorites to run and which ones are your least favorites?


Toon Link 9.9 is my favourite. It's a good challenge and a pure test of skill. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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I'm trash with toon link lol but I'll give her a go one these times I havnt gave the 9.9 catagory a shot yet I've only done the 0.0 this is my first time speed running a game so I'm just taking it slow seeing what times I can get at 0.0 then might go to the next one then 9.9


Mario, Peach, Young Link, Pit, Sonic, Wii Fit, Shulk, and Sephiroth are a few that come to mind for me. All of these are on 0.0, btw.

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Lucario 0.0 is pretty fun you need a bit of luck butbat least its not a crazy amount like the Ness 0.0


I like Mario and Ness.


Terry, Fox, Falcon, Yoshi and Kirby i like
Toon Link, Duck Hunt and Mewtwo i do not like

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My favorite is DK, I don't know why I like DK so much but basically in any DK related thing I'll probably go for.


My like Wolf 9.9 & Bayonetta 9.9
but Isabelle 9.9 i do not like

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