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Hi , I was thinking of a new category that would require the runner to 100% the whole game. this means:
-100% World of Light on any difficulty (if the player does this, they will also unlock all fighters. If they unlock characters outside of WoL, they must still beat them in WoL)
-maxed out skill tree in World of Light
-all spirits
-beaten classic mode with all characters
-beaten Century Smash
-beaten every character in all-star mode
-all challenges
-all music
-all mii costumes and headgear
-Must get the maximum possible highscore in bonus game and the classic mode credits

This will probably never be done, I calculated this run to be about 40 hours long.


Can you even get all spirits?


@BattleMaster If you manage to do a run of this, they'll probably add it. Just noone will lol.

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This would be way too long of a category and would have multiple exceptions for breaks, if you manage to do a run that does not pause a RTA timer and if almost the entire run has video proof since it's not going to be that manageable to keep a single recording going this long, we will consider it, but for now, it will not be added.


This sounds more like a Max% rather than a 100%

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