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Just ignore the ones that are score based (at least until the site adds score functionality) and it should be fine. I'm sure a lot of people would love this addition!


You can already find ILs WRs here:

I think they are up to date, not sure tho


I would love that. I mean a leaderboard for events has existed on various different sites but in my perception each site would eventually become outdated or die altogether in the past..
I would like that to transit into this place and stay here for a long while to come

Btw, this thread lists much better times than your link above (this is the old allisbrawl link of treklink's thread. They apparently changed their name)


This site is the most active place for speedrun records at the moment, so it would make sense to include the event ILs here.


I'm looking to start dabbling in melee running and I would love if ILs were on here. Not really looking to learn the all events run


Seeing as how this site doesn't have listings for the individual events, this is the site I use:

It also includes the scored events as well.

As far as I can tell this link is more active and much more up to date than the links listed above.


We don't have IL stages for events listed at the current moment on, but I know sites like the one mentioned above and Cyberscore have a large catalog of SSBM IL records. I have heard rumors of Nintendojo? being close to closing down but it might have been another site. In any case, a bunch of sites have 1P records for SSBM but if you guys want them listed here as well, we can do that. I'm planning a revamp of the game soon so get your ideas in if you want.


This has been done. Sorry for the delay, but it should function fine. The non-existent categories for Event Match mode currently listed on the page (like each individual character's page) belong to the Target Test, 10-Man Melee, and 100-Man Melee groups. I can't remove or hide them for Event Match mode because of the way is currently set-up/coded. Sorry. 🙁


Can't you use sub-categories within the ILs?? Take a look at SM64 individual stars for example

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I apologize for the late update, but BanjoDave's request above has been completed. I had done this change 2 weeks ago but did not decide to post here until now. I created better-looking IL leaderboards using sub-categories with variables. The old improperly added leaderboards are still there for all charts that have at least one run submitted, because those runners need to submit to the new boards I created. I didn't want to delete those runs and leaderboards seeing as the runs would be lost, and there is no "move run" tool at this time to help in that way either.

So, this means that if you see the weirdly formatted leaderboards (old), they have a run submitted for them still. Feel free to submit to the new IL leaderboards, located under each section named as "Individual Best Time". The categories/actual charts are inside that group. This is the case for every IL section, which are Event Match, Target Test, 10-Man Melee and 100-Man Melee. All of the other groups that have character or event match names that aren't in "Individual Best Time" are the old groups that will be phased out soon. If you have any questions about this change or are confused, let me know. Thanks.


You should ask a site admin to move the runs, if you don't want to do it yourself. I think they have helped in such cases before, it seems that they have some way to move around runs easier.


I asked Pac a few weeks ago to help right when I finished, but since I setup sub-categories in this particular way, he said runs cannot be moved. They can't be moved between normal categories and variables setup as sub-categories. So, that means I have to rely on the runners to do it themselves if they are to be re-submitted/added correctly. I could add them manually all myself, but I would like to ask permission first from each player (proper thing to do), which makes the process take longer. Some records are also not even submitted properly in terms of the actual time for the timing method given, so I wouldn't want to include those on the new charts anyway. I'll think of the best way to go about doing this.