I'm for keeping the game unmodified and preserved to its original contents, so I'd say no to allowing C-stick mods. I don't know what the other moderators think though; I'll chat with them but for now I'd say not to use it.


Most people are of the opinion that if you allow Cstick then you have to allow the Underground Maze code etc etc.
I personally don't like the idea of allowing the UM code but I'd pretty neutral towards allowing Cstick.

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I personally think c-stick use should be allowed. The fact that it's disabled in 1p mode makes playing the modes feel clunky and it requires you to forget about the muscle memory gained from playing the main competitive game. I think banning its use will reduce interest in actually competing for times in these categories (mainly classic/adventure/allstar).

I'll be transparent and let you know that my classic times were achieved using the c-stick to smash/aerial.

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If anything, make a separate category instead of banning the use entirely. Also, I don't understand the argument of needing to allow the use of an Underground Maze code if you allow C-stick, seems way overboard. Sure, they're both not vanilla, but the C-stick code takes a feature of the game mechanics and properly implements it into another gamemode.


Hello, just wanted to share my opinion, I dont actually run melee and thats actually for the C-Stick stuff, Im pretty sure im not the only one who doesnt want to mess up his muscle memory for competitive play, hope moderators take that in mind, the separate category sounds nice in my point of view, that way the people who got their times with vanilla controls doesnt get affected


My vote would be make seperate categories. I personally feel I could improve times by using a c-stick, but I could also sympathize with the viewpoint of wanting to play the game vanilla.


C-Stick should be used imo.