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Being able to use the C-stick in 1-P modes would probably make me wanna pick up a category in this game lol.

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from what i remember from reading cheats are not allowed on speed runs, like obviously cstick isnt a "cheat" but 20xx isnt really vanilla melee



Imo. You should not be allowed to use the C stick in 1P modes, because it would technically be changing how you play the game. It's not really that hard to learn how to do it without the C-stick either, so I would recommend trying it out anyway, it's still lots of fun. 🙂

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Playing melee without the c-stick is pretty trash. I could understand if adding to the difficulty is the reason but it's really casual and not enjoyable imo. If anything they could be two separate categories.

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As I stated in another topic, I would be on the side of disallowing the 20XX version of Melee and anything that causes the game to function differently compared to its original behavior. I'm going to speak to the other moderators about this. Regardless of that decision, If we add any new categories, I want to see some dedicated support for them before adding categories nobody will run.

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So allowed or not? It'd be helpful for me at least.

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I agree with Pokemonmaster.

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Allowing all events to be unlocked removes hours, and I do mean hours of grinding for characters. C stick is already part of the game, but is added as a QoL feature, I think of it as a controller set up option...


He mentioned deciding if c-stick will be used in the changelog, maybe he'll have a poll? I'd vote yes.

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it shoudlnt be allowed, you are modifying the game

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If that's the case then maybe melee 20XX should be added as a separate game. Kinda like how some SM64 mods have their own pages.


Our goal is to have Super Smash Bros. Melee be completely unmodified in competitive structure (which we have been and will continue enforcing), but I also know a lot of other players have felt alienated because they want to use popular modifications that enhance their enjoyment of the game to compete. As such, I am talking to the other moderators about adding a separate game entry on for Super Smash Bros. Melee that allows Universal Controller Fix/20XX/C-Stick and other related stuff. I am not very experienced with this branch of external Melee software, but we will discuss this as a team and get back to you guys soon on what exactly we plan to do.

As it stands, slippy318 suggested we proceed by adding a Category Extension page for Melee that is set up properly to allow everything that you guys are interested in. Similar to what GoodleShoes mentioned above. One thing I am currently not in support of for the proposed Category Extension leaderboards, however, is allowing cheat devices like Action Replay codes. I feel like keeping everything "clean" in that sense is best. Let me know what you all are thinking and we'll make this happen in the best way for the community.

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20XX should not be allowed. I recall at least two cases where weird bugs occured, one that froze a character in the air during a match, and the other causing event 17 to be completable 1 frame faster (can't find the detail right now). It's basicly a hack that affects the game engine in one way or another.


UCF turns Zelda into Sheik automatically in All-Star mode also.


Should be banned for sure.

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Any mods have already been banned since a long time.

Rules already states:
• ”Usage of mods, savestates, AR codes, and any other form of cheating is forbidden. This includes 20XX, UCF, and C-Stick mods.”

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It's fine if it's category extension imo, doesn't affect you at all or people who run the original game. (Also I appreciate the understanding and effort poke. Thanks for hearing me out.)